Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Advent is here!

Advent is one of my favorite times of year. I love everything about the time leading up to Christmas. The lights, the decorations, the choosing of gifts, the anticipation of seeing their faces when they open the wrapping. Well okay, maybe I don't love everything. I don't enjoy the insanity of shopping. I don't like the focus on getting gifts. I don't like the stress people place on themselves or others. But there truly is beauty in Advent, in Christmas. Advent is about the arrival of Jesus. It's about prophecies long foretold now being fulfilled. And it's about the greatest Gift ever given. A Savior who is Christ the Lord. And that is what I love about Advent. 

This year I am celebrating Advent in 2 personal ways. First I'm going through an Advent Bible study called Love Comes Near by Jenni Keller. I got it through the Hello Mornings website and it was quick and easy to download and print. The second thing I'm doing is the Christmas Scripture Writing Plan pictured above. I found the photo on Facebook and there was no source listed. Since I really enjoy journaling and writing, it seems like a good plan for me. 

With my kids I'll be using Star From Afar for Advent. It came in the mail yesterday but I'm on a business trip so I haven't seen it yet. It looks to be a great activity to do with the kids though. 

I'm excited about Advent and eagerly anticipating Christmas. I hope you are too!! 

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