Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 30!!!

Wow. It's already November 30th! Yet another month has flown by. And I'm another month closer to 35! Haha...

And this thankful project has been soooo good for me. I've spent so much time and energy on negative things and blogging daily about what I'm thankful for has helped me to refocus. To get my mind off the stress and on to the blessings. 

One day, the Girl Child and I were hanging out and she writes this encouraging note on her whiteboard. Little did she know how much I needed those words. And that's my 30th thankful for this month. I'm thankful for encouraging words at just the right moment. I'm thankful for people who see that something is not quite right and they stop to listen. I'm thankful for notes of encouragement that spur me on. 

I don't want the thankful to stop here. I need to continually find the blessings and give thanks to God. The more I give thanks, the more I think I'll find peace from Jesus. And that's worth it!!

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