Monday, December 30, 2013

Train adventures part 2

The lady who's been next to me for about 8 hours asked what I was reading and when I mentioned "Christian fiction" she dropped the conversation. Fast forward a few hours, my seatmate had left and I struck up a chat with the couple across the aisle, Sarah and John. Sarah had heard me mention Christian fiction and handed me a book. She'd just finished it and wanted to pass it along to someone else. What a great way to pass on good literature that you may not read again! They also began telling me their story. They felt God calling them to move to a college town next summer when their youngest graduates high school and then open their home to students involved in InterVarsity. In November they put their house on the market and it sold in 6 days which they took as confirmation of their "crazy" step of faith. They now live with Sarah's father while they finish their jobs and let their son graduate. It was so amazing to listen to their faith story. They spoke of the peace they have even though they don't have a home and no jobs in the new town. They spoke of God's goodness and love and their desire to show love to college kids. Sarah and John just overflowed with faith and trust in what God is leading them to do. It was an inspiring conversation. And it gets me thinking about my own journey and where I see God moving in my life. I find myself encouraged in my walk and even more courageous to take steps of change. God is so big and good and incredibly loving. Don't lose sight of that, my friends, no matter what mountains you are facing.

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