Monday, July 29, 2013

Vegetable dealer

I frequently see a guy in downtown Morton who stops, opens his trunk, talks to a person and then hands them a bag of stuff from his trunk. Then he might go half a block, stop and do this again with another person. I couldn't help but wonder what he was dealing out of his car. Today I found out. I took my Bible and went to the coffee shop to sit outside and read. After about 20 minutes, the Coffee Club starts showing up (that's what I call the 6-8 retired guys who sit outside every morning - super friendly bunch!). Before today I had only waved and said hi to the guys. But this morning I struck up a conversation with Tom, the first guy to show up. As we're chatting, the dealer shows up across the street. Suddenly Tom says, "Do you like cucumbers and zucchini?" After I said yes, he yells to the guy across the street, "hey, this lady will take 5 of each!" The guy turns his car around and parks in front of us. Turns out it is vegetables that he has in his trunk. He's a vegetable dealer...hahaha. His hobby is a large garden in Mackinaw and he ends up with more veggies than he can handle so he brings them to town and delivers them to other members of the Coffee Club. Tom doesn't eat cucumbers or zucchini so he gave his share to me. I walked away with 5 of the largest zucchini that I've ever seen and 7 or 8 cucumbers. Then the dealer sat with us and started chatting with us. I might have to sit with these guys again. In addition to the joy of a random conversation, I was blessed with free veggies! A great way to start a Monday.

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