Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life is an adventure

"You have so many adventures."

"You must love adventure."

"Adventure seems to find you."

"I love hearing about your adventures."

Just a few of the quotes that I've heard recently.  I suppose they are true.  I don't always seek out adventure.  Sometimes they just happen.  Maybe because I choose to see life as an adventure.  And my love of strangers and travel probably helps as well.

Sometimes I do seek out the adventure.  I purposefully drive to a new location and make random stops along the way.  I do start up random conversations with strangers.  I do take on new challenges in life just to try it out.

Mostly though, I'm trying to figure out the adventure that we call life in Christ.  When you say yes to Jesus, your life becomes an adventure in Him.  He may lead you on paths that you never anticipated.  He may allow situations in your life that you never thought you could live through.  But those adventures lived in Him are not lived alone.  You don't face those things in your own strength.  Rather, we have a Savior who loves us and who gives us what we need to face the adventures He puts before us. 

My adventure has more questions than answers.  A lot of jumbled thoughts and crazy ideas.  And too often words spoken without thinking.  But each day, I learn more.  Each week, I grow up just a little bit.

Tears.  Laughter.  Joy.  Pain.  Sometimes scary.  Sometimes exciting.  Always an adventure.  That's what I call life.

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