Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Growth Plan based on Luke 2:52

There are four areas of growth mentioned in Luke 2:52, "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."  Four areas that we too should intentionally seek to grow in as well.

1. Wisdom - developing mentally
- What am I reading?
- What courses will I take? Events to attend? Things to watch?
- How will I stretch my mind?

2. Stature - growing physically
- My body is God's temple
- Watch what you put into your temple, what you put on it, and what you put it through!

3. Favor with God - growing spiritually

4. Favor with men - growing socially
- What am I doing to grow my sphere of influence among non-Christians?
- Be genuine and love people

Based on these four areas, Pastor Chris asked us to write a growth plan.  Here is mine....

1. Mentally
- Read books/websites/articles related to calling
- Attend a conference for spiritual growth
- Read secular books related to calling and culture

2. Physically
- Walking/work out on a regular basis
- Eating fruits & vegetables
- Honor God with my body
- Losing weight/getting healthy

3. Spiritually
- Quiet times: prayer & Bible meditation
- Be mentored
- Be a mentor
- Scripture memorization
- Grow in spiritual disciplines

4. Socially
- Be genuine & love people
- Get around non-Christians: volleyball, book clubs, etc
- Pray for non-Christians in my life
- Be ready to share when opportunities arise

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