Monday, November 08, 2010

Stand on the Rock of Truth

I saw this on Facebook and hopefully he won't mind if I reprint it here. It was written in response to the question, "So what do you do when you think you've been overlooked by God or feel like a nuked leftover?" I emphasized the part that really stood out to me and it's a truth that I keep clinging to...God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Praise God!

"If me or you were the measure of things, then it would be possible that one of us would be overlooked. I mean if our gifts or talents were the basis for being noticed by God, then we could say, God has not seen me. God has forgotten. But that in a way is an accusation against God....saying God forgets or that He doesn't see everything or that He is unjust. Stand on what you are certain of...not the things that are uncertain. Certain is that God loves, that God sees, that He knows, He is just, He keeps His promise, He never changes, never fails, never forgets, never leaves or forsakes. Satan wants to lure us off of the Rock and onto the sand."

~Pastor Pat Sheets, Riverside Community Church - Oaks Campus

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