Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where did THAT come from?

Ever have something come of your mouth and you wonder "did I really just say that?"  These words just jump out of your mouthg before you even realize what took place.  I frequently have this happen to me.  Some people call it Foot In Mouth Disease.  Well here is one such instance that was quite humorous...

I was hanging out with a male friend after church one day.  Before we parted ways, I asked him to let me back into the church so I could change my clothes.  Our church has keys that you swipe over a magnet to get in. Well, his key was in his back pocket so he jumped up and swiped his butt.  I cracked up and he says, "you didn't know my butt could open doors did you?"  I told him I had no idea.  He proceeded to tell me his butt has multiple purposes.  And I LOOKED AT HIS BUTT and then declared "yep, it's quite powerful".

Foot in Mouth Disease.

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