Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Nicknames can be cruel or nicknames can be affectionate.  I choose the latter.  And I frequently assign nicknames to people I see a lot but don't know their names.  These aren't meant to be derogatory, just a way for me to categorize people and frankly, it brings a little amusement to my day.

Take for instance these examples:
Beefy: he's built like a football player, his arms are huge and chest is wide.  He's frequently accompanied by Shortkick, who earned his name because he's shorter than me, and seems to be Beefy's sidekick.

Truck Guy: although I know his real name, I still think of him as Truck Guy. We saw each other at the auto show where we were both looking at trucks and now that is only thing he wants to talk to me about.

Candy Lady: I like her! She resides down the way from me and always has a basket of good candy on her I type this, I am enjoying some extra dark chocolate, courtesy of Candy Lady.

Bouncy: this girl makes me smile every time I see her.  She literally has a bounce in her step and always seems upbeat.  We could use more people like her in the world.

Anyhow, those are just a few examples of nicknames that I've affectionately given to people.  It wouldn't surprise me if I've earned a few for myself:

Twirl: since I've been caught doing this in the hallway
Expressionist: since I make funny faces as I walk the halls
Oddity: sometimes I get strange looks from people, do I have something in my teeth?

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