Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I enjoy writing. You might be hard pressed to believe this given the scarcity of posts recently. But I do quite a bit of writing - letters, journaling, cards, blogging, etc. I enjoy the challenge of trying to harness the power of words to communicate truth. At times though it feels as though all I do is write about trivial matters. I long to write stuff that matters. I want to use my writing for a bigger purpose than simply capturing my thoughts. But how? What might that look like? Am I even good enough at writing to use it for some bigger reason?

One of the many things I will miss about my job is writing devotions and teachings. In preparation for summer camp 2009, I was writing devotions & Bible studies for the counselors to use with their cabins. I was also writing the talks for chapel. My hope and prayer as I wrote each piece was that kids would come to know Jesus. Not because of my words but because of Jesus at work in them. My words might be a tool that Jesus uses to draw kids to Himself. I simply offer them to Him as instrument in His hands.

When I was in grad school, I helped a professor with a book that he was writing. It was the first time that I seriously considered the notion of writing a book myself. Perhaps that's what I should do. But what would I write about? I can't write a book simply because I feel like it. There ought to be a bigger purpose. I don't know. Guess I'll have to see where life takes me.

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