Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Laughter on the side of the road...

I just returned from a trip to the food bank. We send people every month to the food bank to pick up food for our camp and the staff. It's a really great thing for us because we get so much food. Today the cook and I picked up chicken, venison, corn, chips, candy bars, Little Debbie snacks, parsnips, juice and more. There was so much to choose from. At one point they offered us 100 cases of bottles of green tea with pomegranate or white tea with clementine orange. What would we do with 100 cases of 24 bottles of tea?!?! We took 5.

So we're driving back and are about halfway home when the van stalls at a stoplight. Oh dear, I thought. But it started right back up and off we went. Then the gas pedal stopped working. I held the pedal all the way down and nothing. By then my speed had dropped to 45 and suddenly it worked again. Then it did it again. And again. Until it stalled. I pulled over...sorta. When this van stalls, the power steering is lost and so are the brakes. I turned the wheel as far as I could but we were still about halfway into the lane. I should note at this point that we were one a two lane road with no shoulder where people drive 60+ mph. And the van wouldn't restart. I tried and tried. Nothing.

I called the director and told him where we were. He was at lunch with the facilitator class so he asked some of the other staff if there was any reason why the van would stall. "Well if it runs out of gas, yeah." Are you kidding me??? I've never, ever run a vehicle out of gas. Sure enough, no gas. They all started laughing. The director told me that he wasn't coming to bail us out. He said we should stand in front of the van with a sign that says, "this vehicle takes gas."

I haven't laughed so much in awhile. The cook and I were getting a kick out of our situation. We decided to blame the guys on staff. I mean, seriously, who left the van with so little gas in it? And don't even try to blame us! We didn't even have the gas card with us to fill the tank with.

Dinner tonight should be an interesting experience. I'm sure I'll get a lot of teasing for this. :-)

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