Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Choosing Faith Not Fear

I am choosing to let go of fear and move forward. I have to. For my sanity. My mind is not the enemy's playground. A war has been waged for my mind. The lies have roared so loud that it often drowns out Truth. But God wants me to choose Truth. His Truth. He's speaking to me. And when the barking voice of the devil calls out to me, the mighty Lion of Judah is here and far more powerful than what the enemy has been throwing at me.

You don't have to accept bondage or abuse. You can know Truth and be set free by that Truth.

Bondage of the heart and mind is a scary place to be. When someone rips away everything you know about yourself and fills you with lies and fear and does evil things to you, it's an awful place to be. And you may think you have to accept it because it's the only words that have filled your mind for months and years. But IT'S NOT TRUE.

You need to know THERE IS FREEDOM IN CHRIST. He didn't die so we could live in bondage to lies. God wants to set you free and give you life. ABUNDANT LIFE!!! That no one can strip from you.

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