Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sonshine baskets

I'm in a women's Bible study that wanted to bless and encourage some folks who may be struggling. We came across the idea of Sonshine baskets where you put yellow items together and give them away.
Here are the goodies we came up with - notepad, cards, sticky notes and smiley face stickers all bound with yellow ribbon; emoji stress ball; a mug with tea and hot chocolate packets; cup with candy and wrapped with a treat bag; hand soap; hand sanitizer; hand wipes; Lay's chips; and tissues. 
I assembled this sample that we will use for putting the baskets together. We got blue bowls from Dollar Tree. Then I put yellow chevron ribbon and two flowers on each one. 
The bowls are ready to go. 
It took much longer than I thought but it was a fun project. We will also be giving them a card that I designed. 
I've got the pieces all together for the ladies to assemble. This is the sample one. The Bible verse is embossed on a paint chip and the butterflies are cut out of a coordinating paint chip. Really easy and so cute!! 

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