Friday, December 11, 2015


There's a book coming out in April 2016 called Unstuffed by Ruth Soukup. 

The description reads: "Feeling weighed down by a home, schedule, and life that feel out-of-control and completely overstuffed? Through an inspiring combination of very personal stories and very practical action plans, Unstuffed will equip and inspire you to finally discover what it means to be unstuffed, and to declutter not just your home, but your mind and soul as well." 

The description of the book is so fitting to where I'm at. Weighed down. Out of control. Overstuffed. Yep. Too much stuff. Not enough organization. I'm not sure that I'll ever actually read the book because that requires spending money I don't have right now. However, I came across a to-do list from a sample of the new book. 

It's intriguing. Except for #9. How in try world do you get your inbox to zero?!?! Only in my dreams. Partly because I use my inbox at work to track what still needs to be done/replied to. If I moved those messages....well "out of sight, out of mind" really is a true saying. But the other 9 things on this list sound like good ideas. Maybe I need to put them on a whiteboard that I can check off each day and get a gold star when I'm done. Hahaha!!!

I would really like to be more organized and less cluttered. Especially on my desk. The piles are driving me bonkers but I stare at them and don't know where to start so they just keep sitting there driving me bonkers. It's a vicious circle. I have some vacation time coming up - perhaps part of it should be used for organizing. But how? Ideas are welcome! 

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