Friday, November 27, 2015


The day after Thanksgiving. A day when lots of people go crazy for deals. A day when people seem to forget how thankful they were yesterday and go bat crap crazy for stuff they probably don't need. 

But I have a confession to make...Chris and I went shopping both last night and today. In fact we finished our Christmas shopping. Well I still need to find him something but otherwise it's all done. And it's not even December! So that's my thankful today. As someone who doesn't like to shop, I'm always happy when it's over! I am thankful for being done with Christmas shopping early!!

As we were shopping, it was interesting to watch the people around me. So much discontent. You could see stress mounting on people's faces. So the picture above seems like a fitting reminder. As we go about our business, let's remember to be kind. To think before we speak. To remember why we celebrate this time of year. 

Be kind. 
Be patient. 
Be loving. 
Be generous. 

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