Saturday, November 28, 2015


I am thankful for....

My parents who love me no matter what. 
My brothers who have always been my protectors. 
Fleece blankets. 
Hot coffee on cool mornings. 
Big fat fluffy snowflakes. 
Giggling children. 
Hugs and kisses from my kids. 
Cuddling with my kids. 
A job that challenges me. 

There are days (like today) when I struggle to make these thankful lists. When I feel sad and mad and weary and consumed by the brokenness. When I want to spend all day curled up in bed. 

But I can't. 

I don't want to drown in these feelings. 
I don't want to be consumed by brokenness. 
I don't want to dwell on the lies of the devil. 

So I won't. 

I will keep trying to find reasons to be thankful. Reasons to keep smiling. Reasons to push through the negative. And reasons to laugh and love. 

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