Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 20!!

Well, well's day 20 of my 30 days of thankful blogging. And what a journey so far! It's been so good to think on the blessings of life. How easy it is for me to get caught up in the struggles. The pain. The negative. And then I forget that God has blessed me with soooo much!

I am thankful for Fridays!!

Not for the reasons you might think though. I don't live for Fridays. I enjoy my work even though it's generally stressful and chaotic. But I am thankful for Fridays because of the change of pace.

Life is built around rhythms and seasons. How those are structured is generally up to us to decide. The rhythm of my work week tends to be intense and fast paced. Days are filled with impossible task lists and tons of people's expectations and demands to manage. Evenings are quickly filled with making dinner, keeping house, playing with the kids, bugging my husband and Bible study.

And then Friday comes. And I take a deep breath and sigh. Two days with a slower pace (most of the time!). No crazy hours to keep. Just hours to fill with memories with my kids and husband. Church to attend and community to invest in. Coffee to sip while it's still hot! And you can't forget some football to watch!

So today is Friday and I thankful. It's been a long, hard week and I'm ready for a new rhythm. Just for a couple days and then I'll be ready to jump back in the crazy and chaos that I call work.

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