Saturday, January 18, 2014


I was just about to crawl into bed when I remembered that I had not written my 500 words for today.  I have thought about it and even formulated a few ideas but had not gotten around to the actual writing part. But now here I sit at the end of the day and I am lacking in ideas. So do I write 500 words about not having any words? That will definitely entertain people. Or not.

I hung out with a friend this afternoon and we talked a lot about God. Then tonight another friend called me and we talked for nearly 3 hours and the conversation kept coming back to God again and again. In both instances, our faith is important to us and so it naturally was coming up in conversation. Maybe when you are trying to determine what is truly important to you or what you are passionate about, then you should listen to yourself speak. What topics come up again and again? What gets you excited? What do you feel like you could talk about over and over and still have more to say? Interesting thoughts….

One topic that came up in my phone call tonight was how we both desire greater boldness in our faith, to share with other what God has done for us. But then my friend made a good point. He said that we also need to remember that we can share a lot through our actions even when we do not get to speak a lot of words. He shared a story of working on a project with a guy and towards the end of their time the guy asked if he went to church. He just sensed through my friend’s actions that there was something different about him and perhaps it was a church thing. This opened a door for my friend to talk to him further. And that got me thinking about how often I get asked about why I am so happy and optimistic. I was not talking about my faith, but I was going about my job with joy and that has caused some people to stop and wonder what was going on. Good conversation gets me thinking. And last night I had dinner with a friend that turned into a 5 hour talk session that was so good for my heart. The funny thing is that I was supposed to go out of town this weekend to see friends up north but it started snowing and I did not want to drive in it. So I found myself at home with a completely free weekend.  And a long weekend at that since Monday is a holiday. But I’ve already had 3 great interactions with friends and I still have two more days off! What a blessing this is!

I read a status of Facebook that asked the question, “Tired of experiencing confusion, disappointment, heartache, and turmoil?” Um….yes. I’ve had a little too much of all of those emotions over the past month and I am sure ready to be done with all of them. The conversations that I have had with friends so far this weekend have certainly helped. And now that I’ve rambled for over 500 words, I feel even better. Hahaha….

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