Friday, January 31, 2014

More than enough

You are holy. You are Sovereign. You are good. You love me. You are more than enough for me. My El Shaddai. Jehovah Jireh. I set my eyes on you, trusting in You, believing You will work according to Your good purposes. When I falter, when I look to the right or to the left, set my eyes on You. My trust must be in You and You alone because You are my sufficiency. I believe You are good. I believe You love me. Help me to walk in that, head held high, confident in my relationship with You. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit.

God, I release to you my dreams and my relationships. I trust in You. I believe that You are good and Your plans for me are good. I know that Your ways are higher than my ways. I know that Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. I choose to put my faith in You. Even when I do not understand. Even when I can’t see a mile down the road. God, I will trust You to show me the next step.

You are beautiful, Lord. All that You do is beautiful. You alone are God. You alone are good. I am Your beloved child and I am in awe of Your grace. Forgive me when I don't act as a child of You. Love me. Pour over me Your grace. Fill me with Your Spirit. Create in me a clean heart and set Your Spirit upon me. Don't hide Your face because it is You that I seek. I love to see You, to know You more. Be exalted, O Lord, in my life. Be glorified in all that I am, in all that I think, say and do. I sit in Your presence and wait upon You….
Holy interruptions. Lord, invade my life with holy interruptions. I don’t want to get so caught up in my plans that I miss what You are saying, what You are doing in my life. Saturate me with Your presence. Drench me in the river of You. Leave no area untouched. I want to live interruptibly (is that even a word?). Please don't let me get so set in my ways and my plans that I miss out on You. I do not want to be selfish. Don't let me get in the way of what You are doing. Be the center of my life. Be the center of all my relationships. All that I do, all that I am, should revolve around You. Don't let me long for something that is not of You. I long to be consumed by You. I long for Your holy fire to burn in me. Burn away all my impurity. Refine me, Lord, in the fire of trials. I am Yours. Take my life and use it for Your purposes.
You are more than enough. My El Shaddai. Jehovah Jireh, I put my trust in You.
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