Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

We live very fast lives.
Rushing from one activity to the next.
Barely stopping to breathe in between.
Falling into bed exhausted at the end of the day.
Only to begin again the next day.
Even vacations are not always relaxing and we long for a vacation to rest from our vacation.

Busyness is held in high esteem.
“How are you?” …… “I’m so busy!”
No more words are needed. The other person will get the picture and nod in silent understanding and perhaps even admiration.

Being busy becomes a badge of honor.

But is it really?
Or can it become a burden?
Especially if we are not busy doing the right things.

Yesterday I was driving along and got frequent reminders of how fast people live, how busy people are. Two people stepped in front of me to cross an intersection when I had a green light. Someone moved into my lane without noticing that I was there. I watched cars cut off other cars.  All to save a few seconds of time.  

We need to slow down! Life is speeding by us and half the time we aren’t even enjoying it.

What will it take to slow down?
How do we put rest in our schedule?
I want to live a slower pace.
I want to rest.
I want to breathe in the moment, to enjoy each one.
Too often that is easier said than done.

Last year I had surgery on my leg and I was forced to slow down.  For nine weeks, I pretty much sat on a couch and rested.  It was forced rest but it was good for me.  I came out of that season with a renewed peace and a caution to what I agreed to take on.  Some of that was due to physical limitations as I continued to heal but it was also due to a new understanding of the importance of rest.  Now here I am, 11 months removed from that forced rest and on the edge of jumping into the deep end of busyness.  All I want to do is flee the other direction.  I don’t want to run myself ragged.  I don’t want to live life so busy that I can’t enjoy the moment.

Saying no has not been my strong suit.  I have a tendency to agree to whatever people ask me to do.  I want to help people.  I want to use my gifts and time to bless others.  But if I’m not careful, that blessing can come with the cost of my rest and my peace.  Sure, sometimes we need to sacrifice in order to bless others, but I don’t know that the sacrifice should come in the form of stress, burnout or anxiety.  That puts me in no position to help others.

So I’m sitting with my schedule and asking God for His wisdom. What does He want me to do? What things will bring Him glory?  Where can I honor Him, build His Kingdom and grow in being more like Him? There are many good things in front of me but I want to choose the best things.

I want to rest in Him.

And then I want to be busy about my Father’s business.

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