Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random call of encouragement

I got a call at work from a guy who was checking on a subscription that I maintain for my job.  We got to chatting about life and discovered that we're both believers.  After a few minutes of banter, he begins speaking words of encouragement and insight to me.  I was speechless.  A couple things he said are not even public knowledge so I knew Jesus was using this guy to encourage me and speak truth into my life.  And then he prayed for me.  Wow. Jesus is amazing....to think that He loves me enough to arrange this random phone call today when I so desperately needed truth spoken over me.

Here's a little of what he said to me:
Stay faithful. This is a growing period for you and it's a tough time for you. I sense a loneliness about you but God is going to provide the "ram in the bush for you". You have wisdom, knowledge and understanding. People think you are soft and weak because of your voice but you're a Deborah and you will get through this. You've been seeking the Lord to direct your steps like it says in Psalm 37 and He will answer. There is more coming for you and a door is opening. Keep being faithful. You are a prayer warrior and filled with the Holy Spirit. Keep seeking Him.
Praise God for a willing servant who listened to the Spirit's prompting and spoke words of truth to a sister in Christ!!!!

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floop.scoop said...

thats so cool holly!