Friday, December 17, 2010

Life & death is in our words

Discouraged and heartsick. So much pain & confusion surrounds people in my life. And my heart breaks for them. I have used my words to manipulate and accomplish my own agenda. And my heart is sick over that. I long to see life transformation and it seems so far away. And my discouragement rises as a result. But that’s what happens when I put my hope in people rather than god. These people cannot experience true life change apart from God. If they try to change for me or other people in their life or if they strive to be who others want them to be, the change won’t last. A heart deep revolution only comes from the work of the Holy Spirit.

I have spoken words carelessly without consideration of their power. Words carry the power of life and death. By my words, I can build people up and restore them. By my words, I can tear people down and prolong their broken state. By my words, I can offer healing. By my words, I can cause more pain. By my words, I can challenge, protect, nurture, encourage, renew and love.

Life giving words come from a heart that has been revolutionized by the grace of God and wrecked by His love. “For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Matthew 12:34

God’s love for me is constant. His love for me is the same today as it was before I was born. I am frail, a broken vessel, variable and often faithless. Help me, Lord. I need Your Holy Spirit to help me this day. In my frailty, You are strong. You are my fortress and my refuge. I am a broken vessel but when I surrender to You, I become a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. And I am a temple of the Holy Spirit. You dwell in me and long to work through me. I am variable and often faithless but You are constant. You, my God, are with me. You are mighty to save. You take great delight in me. You quiet me with Your love. And You rejoice over me with singing. Zeph 3:17

So I can cease condemning myself and beating myself up. And I will rest in You. Rest in Your grace. And I can stand firm in the battle that is being waged.

Keep me righteous, Lord, keep me righteous.

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