Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Pastor Chris asked our discipleship group, "What do you want said at your memorial by a relative, work colleague, church person, & pastor?"  The idea being that if you know what you want said when you're dead, how will you live now?  So here's what I wrote: (two will be in this post, two in the next post)

Her family was her highest priority
Her loyalty didn't waver
We laughed together, cried together
But most of all, we prayed together
Her life shone with the light of Christ
And she longed for each of us to know Him personally
She loved deeply and taught us to do the same

Work Colleague
She left a trail of happy memories
An after glow of smiles when the day was done
The halls resound with the echo of her life
She won the favor & respect of all those around her
Integrity, honesty & hard work were her trademarks
She served as an example for all to follow
And her love for people was evident to all

Based on this, how will I live today?

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