Thursday, October 21, 2010

Memorials, part 2

Here are the other two memorials from a church person & a pastor:

Church person
Her joy was contagious, her laughter infectious
She was a help & support in times of trial
She celebrated our successes
And stood by us when we failed
By her example, we learned compassion, kindness & gentleness
She taught us how to love
And modeled strength in times of challenge
She saw the best in each of us
And the beauty hidden within
She taught to our potential
And brought the Scriptures to life
She touched our lives and we are better for it

Her life was one of love
Clothed in strength and dignity
She encouraged others to walk in the same
Her heart broke for the things of God
She spoke the truth with boldness & clarity
She lived in grace and overflowed with compassion
And she found joy in all of life
She walked with God
And lived for others to do the same

Based on this, how will I live today?

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