Friday, March 05, 2010

Wisdom in a text

I don't do a ton of texting and when I do, I have a tendency to ask questions that really don't belong in a text message because they are way too big. Yesterday was a good example of this.

Text #1: "He says 'I forgive you. I love you. You are my beloved.' Why is it so hard to break free of the guilt, shame & lies and to live in that beautiful truth?" ~sent to friend at 10:16pm

Text #2: "Question of the week: how do you fall in love with Jesus?" ~sent to same friend at 10:20pm

Before I get to his reply, let me note a few key things. First of all, it was after 10pm on a week night which means I should have been in bed, not texting. Second, these are prime examples of non-text questions. How is my friend supposed to respond to either of these in 160 characters or less? Questions like these are best asked in person or on the phone. Thankfully, my friend is used to me asking big questions in text and is wise enough to ignore me, call me or just send a simple reply.

His response: "The fact that you don't have an answer for question #2 is your answer to question #1." ~received at 10:24pm

Hello wisdom! Two questions jumbled in my head and it just might be that by answering the second, I'll also answer the first. Simple. Beautiful. Doable.

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