Friday, February 05, 2010

the race

She took leave of her senses at the end of last season
Stopped serving the Lord for really no reason
She has some memories to remind her of what took place
While she took a break from that great Christian race
A girl in her teens getting distracted
For her one and only goal was being attractive
New freedom, friends, gossip, and growing pains
For to set aside that great Christian race was her aim
This way of life was physically exciting
But heart, soul, and spirit were subsiding
Then her heart began to cry, soul in control, spirit dying
"What did the Lord of the race teach?" was her cry
To run a good race and to fight a good fight
To start a new season doing that which is right
Spirit alive and soul under control
Always obeying that still quiet voice
Makes a young girl's heart rejoice
Building her legacy
Fulfilling her destiny
Always serving the Lord of the race

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