Thursday, June 18, 2009

Driving = thinking & praying time!

I love to drive! Long trips, short trips, I just love to drive. And I find that my best thinking and praying time takes place while driving. When I lived in Lacon, I had a lot more driving time - after all, it took nearly 45 minutes to get to Peoria! Now my trips are much shorter - 10-15 minutes, usually. But I can still make good use of that time. Just this morning, I needed to run an errand and I took a longer route than necessary just to have more time to drive, think & pray.

What is it about driving that makes it such a good place to think and pray? Perhaps it's the quiet space with the wind blowing through the car...or the worship music that could be played...or the lack of company (most of the time)...honestly, I'm not sure what it is. But driving is my "special place", my "place apart" from the craziness of life where I can take a deep breath and just be in the presence of my Maker.

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