Saturday, May 02, 2009


I decided that I was going to work on my Bible study - seemed like a good way to spend some time this evening. I opened my laptop and turned on some worship music. Then I went to my coffee table to get my study from last week. I noticed my study for this week sitting there unstapled so first I decided to staple it. When I brought it back to the table, I figured I should put away a few things on the coffee table so I put books away, threw away some trash and was just about to sit down and do my Bible study...when I saw a Target bag containing a gift I'd received. I figured I should put it away and while doing that, I came across my journal and thought, "oh, I should journal about today." So I picked up the journal and took it to my favorite green chair so I could sit and write. As I approached the chair, I noticed some 3x5 cards that I've been filling out and thought, "well, I should finish those first." But I needed a pen.

I wandered back to the coffee table to get a pen. It was then that I saw the invitation to a wedding that I'm attending in two weeks. I remembered that I needed to look up what time the ceremony starts so that I can begin making travel plans and figure out where I'm staying. I sat on the couch (right next to my untouched Bible study) and opened the invitation. As I looked it over, I remembered that I had not yet purchased a gift for them which prompted me to look for the paper that told me where the couple is registered. Oh yes, Macy's. I looked at my watch. I should go buy a wedding gift. Instantly I was on my feet, getting my shoes and purse and heading out the door.

But first, I had to turn off the worship music on my laptop...and my Bible study? Still on the couch waiting to be completed. My journal has not been written in. The 3x5 cards are still blank. But at least I got some books put away and a wedding present has been purchased. The time was not completely wasted.

It cracks me up how easily distracted I can be and then instantly I'll focus in on some task and just do it in the blink of an eye. I amuse myself...hahaha...

Now I really should go work on that Bible study...or perhaps my 3x5 cards...but then I could journal...or...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like me sometimes. Oh that God would continue to teach me to be still before him. -Em