Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Really, me???

An interesting thing happened at work today. I was awarded "Employee of the Month" for February. Yes, I know it's April, but apparently they were a little behind in getting out the award for February and they picked me. Strange thing is, February is when I started this job. February is when I work three weeks at my new job - about 2.5 of which I was sick. I spent February intensely disliking my job, wishing I could be anywhere else, and regretting taking this job. And they award me Employee of the Month?!?! Strange...

To tell me, they brought up a framed picture of me with a paragraph stating why I received the award. Something about sticking with it when I was given a tough classroom and going above and beyond expectations to do my job. Oh, if only they had known what was going through my head during those weeks. I spent so much time begging God to bring me a new job. I wanted nothing more than to quit. Some days I still do. But today, before the award was brought to me, I realized something...I might be starting to enjoy my job. Crazy, I know. It has its ups and downs but it's starting to have more ups than downs. I'm really glad. It sure makes life easier. Maybe someday I'll even come to love my job.

Along with the framed picture which will hang somewhere in the Center, I was also given a Wal-mart gift card, a bonus on my paycheck and I can have a front row parking spot. How cool is that?!?!

I must say, it's super encouraging to know that my employers think I'm doing a good job. Sometimes I wonder. I have a tough class. We have a lot of tough days. But I also have a good bunch of kids who need to be loved. They need to know that there is a person in their life who is lovingly mean and will consistently be there for them. That's what I'm trying to do. Only in the strength of Christ have I had any measure of success in doing this.

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