Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"I have a bone to pick with you"

When one of your supervisors comes to you and starts a conversation with these words, it's easy to wonder what you might have done wrong. But there may be another reason for those words such as was my experience today.

At our morning potty time, I'm in the bathroom ushering kids in and out of stalls trying to hurry along our slow ones when my supervisor comes to the door...(one quick sidenote: my supervisor's son is in my classroom. He's been a bit of a handful so I've been looking for ways to connect with him. I've found that calling him my "little man" has really helped in building a relationship with him. He loves it when I call him that.)

Supervisor: "Holly, I have a bone to pick with you."

Me: "Yes?"

Supervisor: "Last night I'm laying in bed with Owen and I say, 'are you my little man?' and he says, 'no, I'm Miss Holly's little man.' 'could you be my little man too?' 'no, I'm Miss Holly's little man.' 'okay, will you be my big boy?' 'okay, mom, I'll be your big boy.' So I have a bone to pick with you. He's my little man."

By this time, I'm laughing. I had no idea that she called Owen her little man. It was just a nickname that has helped me to build a relationship with her son and work through some of the challenges that he's brings to the classroom. And I suppose that part of my laughter is from relief that I'm not actually in trouble. But I think it's hilarious that her son said that to her. She goes on to say, "wait until his grandma hears about this."

Funny stuff happens when you work with three year olds...and their parents...

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Susie Q said...

How cute! I know what you mean!