Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stuck in the white space

I find it strange that at times we don't do exactly what it is that we need. What am I talking about? Well for me, it's writing. When life is throwing me a lot of curves, writing is something that I turn to as an outlet for my thoughts. It's a way of processing that madness contained within. And yet there are times when life is going absolutely bonkers and I don't write. Instead, it's almost like I crawl in to a hole and disappear. And I'm left with the thoughts swirling in my head. This past week or maybe two as been that time for me. I've come to the end of a chapter. You know how in a book, you come to the end of a chapter and there's often a bit of white space before you turn over to the next page to start the next chapter. I feel like I'm living in that white space. A chapter has ended and there's a new one starting on the next page but I can't quite get there. I'm stuck in the white space. I want to look ahead, maybe even flip a few extra pages to see what's coming but it doesn't work that way. I have to wait on the Lord's timing. In His time, the page will be turned and I'll catch a glimpse of what He is doing in and through me.

For now, I'm waiting in the white space...

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