Monday, February 16, 2009

Germs, germs, and more GERMS!!!

The kids I'm teaching are germ-infested!!! I'm telling you - they are walking contaminants. Okay, so perhaps I shouldn't have started a job with preschoolers while I was totally drained physically. But really?!?! Did I have to get sick on my third day of work? And now I can't help but wonder when it will end. I went to visit a friend tonight and she tried to be encouraging. "Oh yeah, I have two friends who quit teaching preschool after just two months. They couldn't take anymore of the sickness." Great. I look forward to being sick for the next two months. Oh please Lord, don't let that happen to me. I'm pumping the vitamin C, drinking water (not as much as I should), getting extra sleep...trying to do all the right things in hopes of kicking this sooner rather than later.

Overall though, other than being sick, I think work is going alright. It's very stressful for me. And a huge adjustment from working with Jr. High students. Sometimes not a welcome adjustment. But I'm committed to being there for this time. I will feel mentally better about stuff when I feel physically better, I'm sure of it. The kids are good to work with. My co-teacher is great! It's an all around good place to work.

I move on Thursday to an apartment that is only 10 minutes from work - hooray!!! It will be nice not to have to drive 45 minutes to work!!! That means more sleep for me and I get home at a better time in the evenings. All factors that should help improve my outlook on like.

If you're reading this right now, could you take a moment to pray for me? I'm really struggling to figure out where I belong right now. I need your prayers...and your encouragement. I fully intend to "bloom where I'm planted," I suppose maybe I'm just trying to figure out where I'm planted, you know? What's it going to take for me to grow where I am at? I won't even pretend that I have any answers, just a lot more questions...

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