Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lessons Learned at Camp, Part 4

I promise this is the last segment of "Lessons Learned."

* Slow roasted hot dogs are well worth the wait

* The world is different after camp

* Pack light. Moving a lot of stuff really stinks.

* You never know how much impact you really have on a kid’s life

* Yelling at kids is not the way to discipline. They rebel against that at home and at camp.

* Focusing on campers who came to Christ will change your heart about the ones that didn’t

* Wearing plastic bags around your shoes may make you look like an idiot but at least you don’t have muddy shoes

* Frog freaks are freakin’ funny (spoken by one of the summer counselors)

* Kids will make up any story, just listen anyway

* Piggy-back rides make kids sooo happy!

* Avoid homesick camper like the plague, but don’t ignore them.

* Learning the dynamics of my campers was important.

* SEVEN hours of sleep?! A blessing from the Lord is here!

* Don’t forget medication

* Don’t forget deodorant

* Sometimes God causes the greatest flourishing through our mistakes, not our strong points

* Flip-flops are a necessary part of life for young adults in America

* When God speaks through you, it’s not a black out experience, it’s just amazing and you learn from it too.

* God time is good

* When I get to bed at the same time every night, I don’t need an alarm clock.

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