Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lessons Learned at Camp, Part 1

Over the next couple days, I'm going to post the lessons I've been learning while working at Great Oaks Camp. Some I heard from the summer staff and realized that I was learning the same thing. Other lessons came to me as I was processing my experience at camp. Enjoy!

* Sleep is important

* Find rest in God & seek Him out for strength

* When everything else fails, God doesn’t

* There will be dry times, but He is faithful to always be there

* Trust God that He knows exactly what He is doing and He has reasons for everything

* That His joy will sustain me through the hard times

* Without love, I am nothing

* Sacrifice what I want and give myself completely to what God wants

* Nothing is better than sharing Him with people

* Trust God for the right words to say

* God sometimes works in the strangest ways

* Sometimes walls must be broken for seeds to be planted

* The longer you wait to obey God, the worse things get

* That no Christian on earth will ever know it all

* How to work for God when you don’t feel like it

* That unity happens when we let God break down our barriers

* The world we live in is broken and unfair; God is in control

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