Saturday, January 24, 2009

A doctor and a preacher

I was recently introduced to the writings of a man by the name of Walter L. Wilson. I'm currently reading his book called "The Romance of a Doctor's Visits." It is full of stories which makes it easy to read. I am about halfway through the book and already I have been so blessed by this man. There are many quotes that I could draw out but just a few that I want to note here and perhaps add a comment after some of them.
"How often people make the mistake of believing the facts without applying them to their own hearts! To acknowledge the truth of the gospel is not sufficient; it must be applied to the soul and accepted personally in order to have value. The fact that Christ is a wonderful Saviour is a blessed truth. Each one, however, must come to Him personally and accept Him as his own personal Lord and Saviour (John 1:12). To believe that a doctor is able to prescribe the proper remedy is only to acknowledge the truth of the facts. To engage that doctor to handle your own case, and to take charge of you and your disease, brings the application of the facts to your own life. Do not miss heaven by missing the Saviour!"
This quote was like an "ah ha" moment for me. How often have I written about the disconnect that seems to exist between my head and heart! Sometimes I struggle with knowing something in my head but not being able to apply it to my heart. Take trusting God fully in a situation. I know in my head that God is trustworthy. But I don't always live that out in the choices that I make because I haven't embraced that truth with my heart. I must choose to apply the truth of God to my life.
"I could see the Christian nurse off to one side, quietly praying that the Lord would do a good work in the heart of her friend. How blessed it is that we may help the soul winner by prayer and so have a part in the harvest!"
Amen! There have been times when I see a friend praying with someone or having a deep conversation and I feel at a loss as to what to do. So I pray. I pray for those people that God would work mightily in the midst of that conversation or prayer. And here we are encouraged to support the soul winner in prayer.
"Would you prefer to go by your feelings in the matter, or would you be willing to believe what the Word of God says about it?"
Now here is a quote I ought to paint in big letters on my bedroom wall! How often have I chosen to go with my feelings rather than the truth of God's Word? Sadly, more than I care to remember. The Word of God is steady and unchanging. My emotions are not. I am much better off when I believe the Word of God.
"I asked the Holy Spirit for the privilege of being His channel that day, so that some heart might be reached by His message and brought to the Lord Jesus Christ."
I want this to be my prayer each day.
"I suggested to him that we slow down the car, for it would be better to be late for the train than early across the 'divide.'"
Hahaha...I just thought this was kind of funny...

And these last three quotes caused me to pause and think...
"It is indeed a blessed sight to see the Word of God taking hold of a human heart, bringing conviction and then turning that heart to Jesus Christ."
"The Word of God tells the Truth of God, and does the Work of God."
"Give the Lord not only your soul to save and keep, but your life to preserve and make fruitful."

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