Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taking off the mask

I attend a group called Confession on Sunday nights. It's a service for people 18-30something. "We exist for others to know Jesus." - that's the motto of our church and it's also reflected at Confession. I've been attending the pre-service prayer meeting for leaders and today I attended a leadership meeting. Throughout the past few prayer meetings and just in thinking about Confession, God has laid a burden on my heart for those who come to the group with mask on their face. They plaster a smile and say things are fine when inside they are hurting and struggling. I'm sure there are many girls who come each week who are being eaten up by hurts, struggles, fears and they desperately need to encounter the Healer who deeply loves them. They need to know that Confession is a safe place. It's a time for them to drop that mask and meet with Jesus. Not only can they work on their vertical relationship, but their horizontal relationships as well. I long to see the women of this group building real relationships with each other. Relationships built on the premise that we can be honest and open with each other. Relationships that are built around the bond we have in Christ. Even if they can't find it anywhere else, Confession ought to be a place where true Christian community can be found. That's my hope and prayer for the group and that's why I agreed to join the leadership team.

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