Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saying goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to five of our staff members. It was their last day for the summer. We took a staff photo and then they were off. I feel sad that summer is coming to an end. There are still 7 other counselors here for three more weeks. But it will be different. Two of them will be working in the kitchen for the week. The rest of us will be doing various work projects around camp.

I think things ended well. On Thursday we went to Dream Center Peoria and helped to sort donations at the Hope Store. Hope Store is a place where people can get free clothing. We had a good time going through stuff, talking and laughing. One of the guys kept finding things to try on, particularly women's clothing.

After the service project, we spent some time encouraging & praying for each of the counselors. We ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and hung out around the mall. We played some frisbee in the movie theater parking lot while waiting for the midnight showing of Batman. After the movie, it was 4am before we got home. Fun times...

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