Friday, May 23, 2008


Last Sunday, my pastor spoke on sacrifice. It’s not a word that’s often spoken of because it makes us uncomfortable. Few people want to have to sacrifice. We desire to have everything we need and want. We desire comfort, ease and security. Sacrifice is hard, it’s messy and sometimes it hurts. Pastor King spoke of Abraham who was called to sacrifice his son. And not just any son, but the son that he loved (Genesis 22:2). What do I love in my life? If God called me to sacrifice it, would I?

Later Pastor King told of Moses when he approached the burning bush. God called him to remove his shoes because he was standing on holy ground (Exodus 3:5). Pastor King pointed out that there is no mention that Moses ever put his shoes back on. Perhaps he turned away from that spot, so taken with the Lord, that he simply walked away barefoot. Moses had been given a mission and he was ready to go at that moment, with or without shoes. Pastor King then asked us to remove our shoes. He challenged us to consider bringing our shoes to the altar and sacrificing them to God. Not because we love our shoes so much and need to part with them, but rather as a sign of our willingness to sacrifice our lives to God. For whatever He calls us to do. Whenever. Wherever.

I happened to be wearing my favorite pair of pink sandals. It was with a bit of sadness that I considered parting with them. But as I walked up to that altar to offer them to the Lord, I thought, “Here Lord, here are my shoes. But not just my shoes. My heart. My life. My time. My thoughts. My relationships. Everything I have, everything that I am, it is Yours. I know it may not be an easy road but I’m willing to travel it with You.”

As I am entering this summer of ministry, will you pray for me? Pray that I would sacrifice my desires, my plans, my program and instead to tune in to what God wants to do this summer. I anticipate that there will be many spiritual, emotional and even physical challenges this summer. Pray that I would rely on the strength of the Lord each moment as I face those challenges.

Praise God with me for the numerous ways that He is at work. May we never forget to turn and praise Him for what He is doing.

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