Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Craziness on a Wednesday!

This was day 3 of camper registration. The first two days were great! I registered nearly 60 campers and everything went smoothly. Then today happened. My favorite story of the day happened toward the beginning of registration. There were four moms sitting around the table filling out forms for their kids. There was a dad standing nearby watching. And there were 5 kids playing in the corner. One of the moms starts to ask me a question about the paperwork at the same time that the camp cell phone rings. All calls from the camp lines were being transferred to me because no one was in the camp office to pick up the phone. It was a woman wanting to know more about our camp because she was considering booking a retreat. Right about the time I'm trying to help her and looking apologetically at the mom in front of me who needs my help, the kids in the corner start pouring water on the floor and trying to float dominoes in it. I look to the dad standing behind me and he's just watching them. As if all this wasn't enough happening at one time, one of the kids starts throwing up. After retching (is that a word?) about 5 times, he looks at mom and asks for water. There's puke on her, the chairs, the floor but thankfully not me. The poor woman on the phone must have known I was distracted because she asked for the website and said she'd call back tomorrow. I helped the mom with the paperwork and then got stuff to clean up the puke as well as the water on the floor. By the time the four woman and their children left, I was worn out and registration was only beginning for the day! Whew!

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