Monday, May 12, 2008

All things new

When you move to a new location, everything is new. Clearly that sounds like a "duh" statement. Last night I was thinking about this as I was sitting in a worship service with about 50 of my peers. We were in the midst of a prayer & worship evening and I got to thinking about life. When you move, everything is new. New people, new places, new experiences, new everything. Even though you may do something that's not really new to you, for example, bowling, it's still a new experience at a new place with new people. Everything is new. Now I like that. I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things, making new memories. It's exciting, challenging and yet. Sometimes it's overwhelming.

Take last night, for example. I'm trying to find a church home. This service for young adults is really neat so I returned last night for a second time. Although I met about 20 people the first time I attended, I didn't see any of them last night. I'd had lunch with four people from the church yesterday and didn't see any of them until I was walking to my car after the service. So instead, I was meeting new people. And I realized that about 99% of the time, I enjoy it.

But then there's that 1% were I long for something familiar. I guess it's almost like being homesick and yet I'm not longing for another place. I'm happy here. I don't want to go somewhere else, I just want something to seem familiar here. This is not the first time I've moved to a new place so I know that it takes time. I get that. Last night I was just hit by that 1% when I search for the familiar. And that's when God reminds me that He is familiar. Through all my moves and new experiences, He is the constant presence with me. He never leaves me. He goes with me everywhere I go. I can take comfort in this. I tend to forget this and I need God to remind me time and time again that He is familiar. He is the One that I can always turn to when I need something familiar. And in time, He'll provide me with people, places and experiences here that are familiar. Praise God for His constancy.

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