Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sharing my passion

This morning, I went to church with my mom. It was just the two of us because my dad had to work. Just after arriving, I was asked to share about the new adventure I'm embarking on. Turns out that the pastor received my support letter yesterday and having me share fit perfectly with his sermon. He told me I would be his final sermon illustration. It was a blessing to be able to stand up there and share with the congregation about my passion and excitement for this ministry that I am joining. I found myself a little emotional as I explained why I was willing to take a position where I would need to raise support. I certainly didn't plan on speaking this morning but I'm so glad that I had that opportunity.

Three guys from the church came over this afternoon and helped me load the truck. I have so much stuff. Thank goodness for big trucks! I mean, I didn't even fill 1/4 of it but it was great not to be particular about how you loaded it. As long as the stuff wouldn't shift too much while driving, we could just kinda thrown it in there. There's a layer of boxes across the floor of the truck. I don't think any of them are stacked two high. It seems silly to have such a big truck but that's what happens when you have to tow a car.

I'm ready to go. Nearly everything is packed. Only what I need for tonight is still out. My parents just left to go to a conference at my brother's camp so I'm alone for the evening. It's rather weird to think that there will be no one hear to wave me off in the morning. Well, there is Leonardo, the cat. Maybe he'll wave a paw.

The journey has begun. The truck is packed. The car is loaded. I'm on the edge of a new beginning, a fresh start. I'm excited, nervous, fearful and ready. I stand here with my hands out and open, saying, "Lord, I'm here. Whatever you have for me, I'll do. I'm an instrument in Your hands. Use me as you choose."

Hold on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride!!!

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