Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's a beast!

I picked up the moving truck this afternoon. Becauase I'm moving by myself, I have to rent a larger truck so that I can tow my car. I reserved a 22' truck, however, upon arriving at the rental facility, I found that I was given an upgrade to 26'. Yep. It's the only one they had available. It's a beast! Imagine a 26' truck with a car carrier on the back. The whole thing is about 40' long.

The rental facility is located about two hours south of my parent's house so I was able to get in a test drive today. I'm surprised you don't need a special license to drive these things. Nope, they just hand you the keys and tell you to have a nice trip. Driving through the city streets was an interesting experience. The first few stoplights that I came to, I physically ducked. :-) It totally looked like I was going to hit my head even though I'm sure, I was far from it. When I realized what I was going, I just started laughing. If anyone watching me, I probably looked pretty silly.

I stopped at a rest area on the way home and made the turns just fine. My next big thing to conquer is getting gas. I'm a little nervous about clearance at the stations up here in the middle of nowhere. Or if I don't hit the top of the truck, I might run into a cement post by the gas pumps. Oh boy, it's going to be a long drive. I just checked the weather and there's 70-100% chance of precipitation between here and my new home. The temps are 27-34 so it'll be an interesting mix of rain, sleet and snow, I suppose. Hooray for driving slow in bad weather.

Pray for me Monday as I drive!

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