Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I work at Target, the land of fast, fun & friendly service. Today was my first day - a long day of orientation. While many were probably bored, I was actually interested in the process. Having worked so long on a volunteer program and the orientation needed for that, I am fascinated by how other organizations do orientation. Overall, I was impressed. With a few exceptions, the day ran smoothly. We had a ton of paperwork to fill out, videos to watch and talks to hear. I'm looking forward to working there. I think it could be a good experience for me. And it's good to have something to do besides sit around. :-) Although, I have to say, "sitting around" has been rather productive for me. I have been working on two scrapbooks - one for IL and one for PA. I have the IL one laid out and waiting for tape/glue. The PA one is nearly laid out, I'm just waiting on some pictures. It's been really neat to see these two come together. After these, I also will be doing a Honduras/Compassion International scrapbook.

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