Thursday, May 24, 2007

Water logged

Oh boy. Yesterday I went to run a load of laundry and I noticed that the tray below the washer seemed to be filling up. Upon closer inspection, indeed it was filling up. So I shut off the washer but could still hear water flowing out. I shut the water valves behind the washer but still I heard water flowing out of the machine. By this point, it was overflowing the tray so I called maintenance and Wiley came over to help. Turns out the drain tube had not been hooked up properly and so all the water I'd put into the washing machine was now flowing out the back onto the floor. We used every towel I owned trying to sop up the mess.

Then I looked in the basement and the water had leaked through the ceiling and was coming down onto the couch and carpet below. It took me over an hour to get the water cleaned up from upstairs. I opened windows in the basement and hopefully that will dry it out and it won't mold.

Later in the day, I ran three loads of laundry and and there were no signs of leaking. Though I must admit, I hovered quite often during that first load, watching for signs of leaking. Not the most fun experience in the world.

I did still manage to unpack all of my boxes and everything is put away. The only thing left to do is hang up pictures. It feels much more like my home and a place that I can relax and enjoy.

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