Friday, May 18, 2007

I made it!

I'm here. I made it to PA alive and well. The trip with my brother, Ben, was great! I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to hang out with him one-on-one. We haven't done that in a really long time. Since we got here Monday night, we had Tuesday & Wednesday to hang out. On Tuesday we toured the camp grounds, hiked a ridge by the creek here and then went to see the local towns. Ben wanted to go to Gettysburg so we drove out there and got to see some of the battlefield and monuments. It's a pretty neat place. I'm pretty sure that you could spend days there and not cover everything. When we got back, we met up with some of the camp staff to unload my truck of stuff into the garage on my house. Then Ben & I went south into Hagerstown, MD for dinner.

Wednesday was another busy day. We got up early and headed into Washington, D.C. We saw the White House (from a distance), the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Of course there were other things along the way that we saw as well. Then I took Ben to the airport to catch his flight. I came back to camp and went to bed at 5pm because I was so exhausted. I slept until 6am the next morning.

More on the job later...

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Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAH for the safe trip.

Doing that drive in one shot like that is quite a haul and i just did it in a car, not a truck when i went to my friends wedding in Fredricksburg (1 hour south of DC)