Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday's random tidbits....

~ I need to get more sleep so I don't start my days so groggy.

~ The list of activities that I proposed for work was approved and more added. My time is more than full. Now I have to figure out that dollar amounts to accomplish all of this stuff.

~ There's something to be gained from dressing more professionally. Perhaps there are other factors at work, but I've noticed a difference in how some people interact with me since I've changed my dress.

~ I need a vacation to a warm location. I think it's time to visit my college roommates in CA.

~ Friendships are complicated and yet beautiful parts of our lives. I find myself grateful for the friendships in my life and prompted to spend more time on some of those relationships to deepen what we have.

~ Effective time management is not a great strength of mine.

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