Sunday, June 05, 2016

Peace in your heart

I came across this quote on Facebook today and it hit me hard. I long for peace in our marriage. I long to have a godly marriage. And I know I have heart issues that need to be addressed. Only by God's grace can I become the wife He wants me to be. And it's so stinking hard some days. No, make that most days. 

"Marriage adopts your character and your habits. If husband and wife are are spiritually weak and not growing, their marriage will be weak and not growing. If the two of you are not getting better personally, then your marriage will not get better. Therefore the best way to improve your marriage is to improve the people that make up the marriage. If your desire is to have a godly marriage, you and your spouse must be godly. The secret to making your marriage better is in making yourself better. All marriage problems are the results of the issues of the heart. Make your heart right with God and He will make your marriage right. Peace in your marriage is the byproduct of the peace in your hearts." - Isaac Kubvoruno

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