Thursday, April 07, 2016

Shattered dreams

For all those who have ever chased a dream, only to have it shatter around you. For those who poured their life into a pursuit but it didn't pan out. For those wondering where God is when dreams don't work out. 
Standing in a pile of rubble
Surrounded by shattered dreams
Fearful of moving
Might get cut on the debris

Months and years spent on a dream
Effort poured in prayer, time, even tears
All in pursuit of a dream

Was the dream from God?
Did He plant the heart desires?
Or was it fabricated?
Born of a selfish pursuit?

Shattered dreams
A broken heart
Will the tears ever end?
Will the heartache cease?

The Lord have and the Lord has taken away
Blessed be the name of the Lord

Longing to do His will 
Delighting in Him
Seeking His dreams and His desires
A pursuit that will never fail

He is here. 
He is with me. 
He will guide my heart. 

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