Saturday, January 23, 2016

Eat more red chicken

Dreams can be so weird. Last night I had a dream that Chris and I were at a festival and there was a concert. The singer was leaping off towers onto trampolines. Then she came over and invited me to join her. So I took a jump off a tower onto a trampoline and into a ball pit. It was amazing! As I made my way back to where Chris was at, I was walking through food vendors looking for pumpkin pie on a stick but couldn't find any so I was almost in tears. Got back to find Chris on the ground. He'd cut open his foot from ankle to the arch and it was split wide open. I thought it was so cool how you could see inside his foot. The medic came over and we were both commenting on how it looked like Chris had beef tips in his foot. The medic said it was due to a poor diet and Chris really needed to eat more red chicken. And then he wrapped the foot and told us to go eat red chicken on our way to the hospital for stitches. And suddenly I woke up...

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