Monday, November 23, 2015

Find joy, not flaws

Today's thankful was inspired by a blog post I came across through Facebook a few days ago. 
I am thankful for the writings of others who have found joy in the journey. To be able to find the blessings and to give thanks when life is crumbling around you is how I want to live. I am thankful for people who are willing to share their mess, their struggles, their life lessons to encourage others to take their eyes off of their current chaos and put them on Jesus. Our Rock. Our Strength. 
Here's what I wrote on Facebook after seeing this inspiring blog post...
I've really come to appreciate the writings of Matt Ham. I too was 32 when diagnosed with malignant melanoma and it really does a number on your perspective. But the good news is that you don't have to get cancer to decide to look at your blessings, to be thankful and to find joy even just in the small things. I'd encourage you to check out this post....
"My greatest hope for you is that it doesn’t take a cancer diagnosis to change your perspective. I want you to know that you can choose this perspective if you will.
When you imagine your time here as finite it causes you to consider:
Am I going to give thanks, or am I going to complain?
Am I going to look for ways to rejoice, or am I going to look for the flaws?
My encouragement for you this year is praise. Relentless, unabated praise. The kind of praise that fills your eyes with tears and your hearts with joy. The kind of praise that removes your biases and sings as if no one were watching."

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